Sun Dancing Movies

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SolarThe Geelong Drive-In is dedicated to improving the well-being of its local community.  Ways to achieve this are being considered daily and one of the methods currently under investigation is the installation of solar panels wherever possible.

Solar power is clean, renewable, available and affordable.  The technology has been proven over several decades and continues to be refined and improved thereby making it a sound business decision.  With this in mind, the Geelong Drive-In is determined to maximise its use thereby reducing its own greenhouse footprint.  This strategy will make a significant contribution to the Geelong region’s local supplier base of solar panels and serve to demonstrate how small businesses everywhere can make green choices benefit their bottom lines.

Solar panels take free sunlight and convert it to free electricity.  This electricity can then be stored in a battery arrangement, used immediately to power appliances or sold to electricity retailers by feeding it back into the power grid.  Geelong’s generally sunny clime makes it ideal for the collection of solar energy all year round.  Although most efficient in summer, it is by no means ineffective in winter and autumn and spring still be lucrative seasons too.

Regardless, drive-ins are more popular in summer.  So it is quite conceivable that the movie you watch on the big screen on a balmy summer’s evening may be powered entirely by the energy collected that afternoon.  How cool is that?  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid may indeed be dancing on the energy provided by the sun.

The roof area potentially suitable for panels at the complex is substantial.  All of this will be investigated for its suitability to hold the panels and further feasibility studies will be undertaken to determine the seasonal factors which will affect the overall financial outcome.

Stay tuned!  We’ll keep you in the loop and we welcome your thoughts, comments and feedback.


The Geelong Drive-In Team.