** The Drive-In Needs Your Help **



Over the last couple of years, I’ve also been working on another Project of great importance to the region – The Geelong Drive-In.  This will be a wonderful initiative providing a much needed economic boost to the community, wonderful employment opportunities and a range of entertainment, business and eating options.

I have been in discussions with numerous stakeholders and am proud to announce the land along the Portarlington Road, Moolap, has now been found, subject to the deposit of $310,000.  Additionally, to move the project along, another $150,000 is required for permits.

Consequently, investors are needed.  There are a variety of investment options available to suit people and organisations at all levels of the spectrum.



Community support is essential for creating what will become a thriving new business hub and activity centre.  I look forward to talking with you, or someone you know, about your interest in this project.

Together, we can make it happen!


If your business can provide good or service to the Drive-In in the future please email me at tenders@geelongdrivein.com.au, with what you can offer.

The Geelong Drive-In will have a company structure enabling surplus profits to be channelled to its own foundation.  This foundation will then distribute these funds in the community in the form of grants, scholarships and funding for community projects


This business model takes into account the requirements of other stakeholders.  Net profits will also be distributed amongst –

  • Staff, in the form of bonuses,
  • Investor returns,
  • Reinvesting in business operations, growth and maintenance,
  • The Geelong Drive-In Foundation.

In order for these outcomes to be achieved, the Geelong Drive-In first needs your financial assistance to get started.  A project of this magnitude requires substantial investment from various sources.  This will enable it to be granted all the necessary council approvals and to be constructed.  Accordingly, the Project Manager, Geelong businessman, Ron Rapetti, has broken down the funding model to reflect this 2 Stage investment strategy.


  1. The Permit Phase

Prior to the required permits being approved, a variety of plans, reports and ancillary documentation must be drawn up and supplied to council.  This process involves the expertise of many local professionals from a diverse range of specialties.  Their input is critical to the overall success of the project and, of course, funding is needed to secure their services.  Mr Rapetti believes the Permit Phase will take 9-12 months.

we are also hoping to raise funding to do  a temporary drive-in.


  1. The Construction Phase

Local contractors will be engaged to perform the tasks necessary to complete the construction phase.  Given the scale of the project, this will be a significant undertaking requiring a substantial community investment.  Mr Rapetti believes the Construction Phase will take 6-8 months.

The jobs created by both phases will make an important initial contribution to the local economy.  Additionally, these two phases will begin to contribute to the community’s sense of ownership of the final facility.  This involvement is critical for the drive-in’s long term prosperity.

In order to provide potential investors with an idea of the funding required for each phase, the following tables have been assembled.  The tables are indicative only and are based on research conducted by Mr Rapetti.  While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within the tables at the time of publication, the costs are subject to change.

Stage 1 Costs   Stage 2 Costs
Company setup




















Drive-in/Café Sign


misc signs


Film accounts






Land Purchuse


Landscape Architect


Traffic Report


Acoustic Report


Business Plan




Engineering Drainage


Engineering Roads


Graphic Design


Land Surveyor


Construction Project Manager
Cinema Setup


Drive In Setup


Café Diner












Cleaning Supplies


Portarlington HWY Roadworks




Water Treatment Plant


 Function Rooms  $  167,000.00
Stage 1 Sub Totals  Stage 2 Sub Totals





6 Months Running Capital


Estimated Project Cost




Prices are estimates. Estimate not fully completed


Public Fundraising Channels

There are many ways for interested members of the general public to contribute to the Geelong Drive-In Project.  These contributions*, however large or small, will greatly assist in helping to take the project from the drawing board to its completed form – a not-for-profit, community enhancing entertainment complex where local traders of all descriptions can share the space to create their own prosperity.

The fundraising model chosen enables Greater Geelong’s population to contribute in a variety of ways.  These include –

  • Contributions of any size *.
  • Investments
  • Sponsorships
  • Web Store – Merchandising and Voucher.




At the applicable stages, various merchandise and rewards may be purchased or redeemed.

Merchandise includes –

    • Bumper Stickers – Stage 1 & 2
    • Caps – Stage 1 & 2
    • T-shirt – Stage 1 & 2
    • Mugs – Stage 1 & 2
    • Vouchers from other business – Stage 1 & 2
    • Movie tickets – Stage 2 completion
    • Meal discounts – Stage 2 completion


A formal investor proposal is currently under consideration.  This is a proposed plan for those wanting to invest, a tiers strategy that can appeal to the various levels of investor interest.

  • Ground level (First Round): – double units(shares)
    • Land investors – $310,000, low risk. Looking for 1 – 10 investors
    • Permit works – $100,000 – $150,000, high risk. Looking for 1 – 10 investors. Money goes towards the necessary work to obtain permit.
  • Second round: – $1 = 1 unit(share). Looking for 1 – 1600 investors
    • Amount required ~ $8,000,000.
    • Money goes towards AV equipment, land, and completing the first stage of construction. This includes paving, screens, projector huts, kiosk, fencing and ticket booths
  • Third Round: – $1 = 1 unit(share). Looking for 1 – 1800 investors
    • Amount required ~ $8,000,000.
    • Money will go towards for the building construction, fit out, administration cost, landscaping, carpark, etc.
  • Investment levels ( Round 2 & 3 only)
    • Level 1 : $5000 – $20,000. investment 1-2 year
    • Level 2 : $20,001 – $50,000. investment 2-3 years
    • Level 3 : $50,001 – $100,000. investment 3-4 years
    • Level 4 : $100,001 – $250,000. investment 4-5 years
    • Level 5 : $250,001 – $1,000,000. investment 5-6 years
    • Level 6 : $1,000,001+ investment 6-7 years
  • Return for investor
    •  8% – 15% (profit dependent)
    • Investors privilege card.
      • Last 5 years
      • 10% off movie
      • 20% off Diner
    • Exit bonus 1% – 2%


Investors seeking more information or to express interest should email Mr Rapetti (contact details below) and indicate their preferred level of investment.  When the prospectus is finalised, it will be forwarded to relevant parties. All information is for the purpose of guidance and in no way should be considered final and absolute.

Sponsorship Arrangements

Sponsors will come from a variety of business sectors.  Each will be able to take advantage of the benefits provided by the following advertising methods.  These will build the association of the businesses to the Geelong Drive-In and help to cement their public images as being community focussed and supportive of local initiatives.  The sponsorship opportunities include –

  • Pre-Movie Advertising
  • In Café-Diner Advertising


Web Store and Voucher System


Businesses wishing to benefit from the Geelong Drive-In’s creation may do so via a simple voucher system.  Businesses are invited to select the amount they wish to donate to the Drive-In’s Construction Fund and offer goods or services to that value.


The Geelong Drive-In Project Web Store

These vouchers are then advertised for sale on the Drive-In’s Web Store website.  Consumers may then bid on those vouchers.


*** Win/Win/Win ***

The donating business benefits by attracting new customers who may change their future spending habits as a result of the service they receive.  The Drive-In benefits by receiving the sale value of the redeemed voucher.  The consumers benefit by receiving goods and services at the price they bid.


 Voucher Examples

Local copywriter, Steve Sweeney, has offered a Blog Package worth $500 to the Drive-In Fund.  A voucher for this amount is advertised on the Web Store and is sold for $400.  The Drive-In gets $400 from the purchaser.  The purchaser gets the Blog Package at the bargain price of $400.  Steve gets a new customer he can provide excellent service to whom may then become an on-going customer in future.

Local I.T. business, Nerdman, offers a $50 voucher towards a computer service. If this sells for $40, the holder of the voucher saves $10 on the service call.  Nerdman then has the potential to pickup a new client.

If the voucher is not redeemed, neither Steve nor Nerdman has lost anything and the Drive-In still receives the purchase value of the voucher.


*** *** Get Involved *** ***


The Geelong Drive-In is set to be one of the region’s premier attractions.  Get involved early by clicking below and secure your place in the hearts and minds of Geelong’s consumers.


Other Advantages

Free Advertising


All businesses contributing to the voucher system will receive free advertising on –



Major community-based not-for-profit organisations like the Geelong Drive-In project produce their own consumer gravity.  They attract consumers and traders and create zones of economic growth.  The positive spin-off benefits to these and other surrounding businesses can be maximised if they are known to be contributing to the Drive-In.  The build-up of consumer goodwill resulting from those contributions can then be made to favourably influence future spending patterns.


Local Economy

The local economy will benefit from the establishment of a new active network of community traders all competing to attract and serve new customers.


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If you have any questions or comments please contact –

The Geelong Drive-In on 041 331 5960

E: info@geelongdrivein.com.au

Visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/geelongdrivein

Or at our website www.geelongdrivein.com.au

Visit our web store www.geelongdrivein.com.au/store/


* Please let it be known that any and all financial contributions or gifts are non-refundable and not to be considered as part of any investment in the Geelong Drive-In Project.