Environmental and Social Initiatives

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Sustainable powerWelcome to the Geelong Drive-In’s Environmental and Social Initiatives Blog.  Here you will learn about all the plans and preparations that are making the Geelong Drive-In a leader in environmentally friendly and socially responsible developments.  It is the belief of local Geelong businessman, Ron , that all businesses should adopt state-of-the-art environmental and social policies and procedures to reduce their carbon footprint while servicing the social needs of communities that live alongside them.

With this as a starting point, several proven, and a few cutting edge, technologies and practices are on the drawing board and under active consideration for the Geelong Drive-In.  This blog will explore these and keep its readers informed of progress.

At the moment, some of the environmental options occupying our minds include –

  • Solar Panels – With a large area under roof, it would be crazy to ignore this now proven technology that power millions of home and industries around the globe.
  • Wind Energy – This is another proven source of power. For centuries, wind has moved water and ships and, more recently, created electricity.  It’s clean and collectable day and night and there are many modern and non-intrusive ways to maximise its efficiency
  • Solar Roadway – This technology could revolutionise the way power is created and transported. Sick of looking at overhead power lines?  Then turn your roads (or drive-in surfaces) into efficient solar collectors.  With a vast area to potentially act as a collector, it makes perfect sense.
  • Powerwall – This is a home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels during the day and powers your home or business in the evening. Perfect for a drive-in!  It also protects your home or business against outages by offering backup electricity. This solution is automated, simple to install and provides freedom from the grid and the security of an emergency backup.

The Geelong Drive-In’s management is keen to fully investigate these options and more.  If you are aware of any additional opportunities to harness renewable energy supplies which are suitable to our overall developmental needs, please comment.  Your input is valuable to us as we wish to take into account the ideas of the community we seek to be a part of.


Yours sincerely,

The Geelong Drive-In Team.