Geelong Drive-In Project Fundrasing

The Geelong Drive-In will have a company structure enabling surplus profits to be channelled to its own foundation.  This foundation will then distribute these funds in the community in the form of grants, scholarships and funding for community projects 

This business model takes into account the requirements of other stakeholders.  Net profits will also be distributed amongst - 
Staff, in the form of bonuses,
Investor returns,
Reinvesting in business operations, growth and maintenance,
The Geelong Drive-in Foundation. 
In order for these outcomes to be achieved, the Geelong Drive-In first needs your financial assistance to get started.  A project of this magnitude requires substantial investment from various sources.  This will enable it to be granted all the necessary council approvals and to be constructed.  Accordingly, the Project Manager, Geelong businessman, Ron Rapetti, has broken down the funding model to reflect this 2 Stage investment strategy.  
1. The Permit Phase
Prior to the required permits being approved, a variety of plans, reports and ancillary documentation must be drawn up and supplied to council.  This process involves the expertise of many local professionals from a diverse range of specialties.  Their input is critical to the overall success of the project and, of course, funding is needed to secure their services.  Mr Rapetti believes the Permit Phase will take 9-12 months.
2. The Construction Phase
Local contractors will be engaged to perform the tasks necessary to complete the construction phase.  Given the scale of the project, this will be a significant undertaking requiring a substantial community investment.  Mr Rapetti believes the Construction Phase will take 6-8 months.

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